Pune: Vandana Chavan, a member of Parliament, lodged a complaint against her neighbour on Wednesday. The neighbour had allegedly hurled abuses at the MP — following an argument over the neighbour’s pet cats — on the afternoon of January 18.
After receiving a complaint from Chavan, the Vishrambaug police have booked the neighbour.

The incident took place at a residential building in Rambaug Colony in Lokmanyanagar.

According to the complaint, Chavan was in the kitchen of her apartment on the ground floor of the building. When she saw her neighbour, who owns several pet cats, walk by the kitchen’s window, Chavan asked her to ensure that the cats do not come near the kitchen. Chavan said the cats caused a lot of trouble by entering her residence.

The neighbour, who lives on the third floor of the building, allegedly got very upset and started shouting at Chavan. She hurled abuses at Chavan and asked her to vacate the apartment if she didn’t like cats.

In her complaint, Chavan said that in spite of the neighbour’s bad behaviour, she tried to be calm and respectful. However, the neighbour could not be pacified and she even made defamatory remarks about Chavan’s political career as well as personal life. As the incident took place in the public place, Chavan felt very humiliated and decided to lodge a complaint with the police.

This is not the first time the two families have clashed. In 2014, the suspect’s husband had filed an animal cruelty case against Chavan and her sister-in-law, claiming the MP and her relatives had beaten up the cats.

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